About Us

The IT4KAN company was established in 2015. Our team consists only of engineers with many years of experience in the medical, IT and medical industries. We deal with the implementation of IT and technology projects in health facilities. We sell software dedicated to RIS and PACS class imaging diagnostics clients. We implement and integrate IT systems in HIS, PACS, RIS and TELEMEDICAL systems. We are also producer of a law firm software.

We have a number of business and technology partners in the areas of software production as well as the production and distribution of medical equipment. Thanks to our proprietary solutions, appropriately selected partners’ and product portfolios, as well as the vast experience and knowledge of our specialists, we are able to respond comprehensively to the needs of our clients. We always think of our clients as partners.

Our daily work is guided by the motto: “examine – diagnose – but thinking about the future”. This is how we approach working with each of our clients. Whatever we do, we start with an in-depth analysis. When constructing a solution, we always present it with the long-term goal of our activities in mind, of course taking into account the diagnosed needs of the client. We assume that each action, especially those involving the investment of financial resources and time, should begin with a vision of its end (goal). Our mission is to support medical institutions in the selection and implementation of optimal, integrated IT and technical solutions, and also the transfer of the best medical technologies that eliminate the activities successfully performed by IT systems from everyday life, thus contributing to the reduction of current costs and increase in the efficiency of our clients’ work.

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