KaPACS Teleradiology

KaPACS Teleradiology – KaPACS is an easy-to-use transmission and labeling management system
radiological tests by doctors or external companies. Encryption of the transmission provides
safety of radiological consultations and test descriptions under the CITO procedure i

Functionalities of the KaPACS Teleradiology system:

  • Technology clients – server

    Owing to this technology, the system can even be used through an Internet browser. It is not necessary to install any additional programming. Additionally, the system can also be facilitated by a number of users, without any interference in each other’s work.

  • Worklists

    The system provides doctors and technicians with clear work lists with test statuses.

  • Scanning patient records

    It is possible to scan the patient's documentation and attach it to the examination, thanks to which the doctor receives full information about its condition.

  • Autorouting

    The data is sent automatically, based on predefined conditions, to the station diagnostic, local servers or selected users.

  • Integration

    KaPACS Teleradiology module can be fully integrated with RIS and PACS modules. Thanks This enables a smooth data flow and the maintenance of complete patient records.