MedDream – is a medical diagnostic image viewer that allows you to quickly
searching, viewing, analyzing and diagnosing medical images and video files
from anywhere, on any device.

It is a DICOM viewer, respecting the principles of responsive design, co
means it works reliably on both computers and mobile devices
We are the only distributor of MedDream and the exclusive representative of Softnet in Poland.

MedDream diagnostic browser - functionalities:

  • Technology clients – server

    The browser has a medical certificate in class IIA. You can use it without having to installation of additional software and from anywhere

  • Uniform view of the list of tests

    The browser provides a uniform view of the research list regardless of the type of modality. After her opened, the panel automatically adjusts the toolkit to the modality. Another set will be available for endoscopy and different for EKG.

  • Flexible licensing model

    You can select the appropriate license and the number of users that will be using browsers.

  • Responsive user interface

    Makes your user panel look good and work no matter what device used for operation.

  • Simple user panel

    The clear interface allows for quick access to functionalities and tools tailored to the research you are working with at the moment.

  • Integration with any PACS system

    The viewer may be integrated with any selected PACS system with the help of built in integration tools

  • High resolution

    The viewer facilitates the power of the application server in order to operate all processes apart from streaming and rendering. This is the application server on which it is installed. This means that processing the images does not require any investment in end-user devices on which the diagnostic images are to be viewed.