Mediqus – Medical Hospital System / Hospital Information System (HIS) – this is an integrated hospital information system encompassing all the processes taking place in the health care unit, both in the area of medical treatment as well as in management. Owing to the complex fusion of the white and the grey part/fragment/element (?) baaed on one data source, Mediqus becomes an optimal system for process and cost management in every health care unit.

Mediqus was primarily created with the user and the patient in mind. The very well thought out user interfaces, which can be fully modified according to specific needs and the detailed design of the patient and physician modules make Mediqus the obvious choice for every healthcare unit.

Mediqus – functionalities:

  • Medical functions – dedicated for medical personnel in the sphere of electronic medical documentation, contact with patients as well as incident and process management in this area.
  • Management functions – responsible collection and processing of economic data, personnel management, healthcare unit resource register, Full scope of information crucial for management and reporting.
  • e-Services – using state of the art cloud technology in communication with patients, physicians and partners of the healthcare unit with 24-hour access, in accordance with warrant licence.
  • Analytical functions – built-in (world-class?) analytical tools provided by the global leader in this area – the SAS Institute, owing to which the system not only makes it possible to collect and process data but also forecast the future.

Main Mediqus system modules:

  • patient traffic
  • medical center (Full scope of specialisations)
  • rehabilitation
  • RIS / PACS
  • LIS
  • EDM repository
  • dispensing pharmacy
  • accounting and finances
  • analytical functions
  • warehousing
  • fixed assets
  • E-services