Varex Imaging

Varex Imaging (as Varian Medical Systems) is the company which was the first in the world to create flat panel silicone detectors used for fluoroscopic and radiographic digital imaging. X-ray detectors used for direct digital radiography transform the light which they absorb/which hits them.

flat x-ray panels CMOS facilitate the construction of the CMOS sensor in order to guarantee a high level of efficacy and ensure the reliability of x-ray systems facilitated in mammography, fluoroscopy, cone beam CT and projection radiology markers in medical and dental.

The advantages of the CMOS detectors are:

  • The possibility a of high frame rate per second
  • low noise levels
  • high reliability
  • no image lag
  • high spatial resolution

clinical advantages in medical applications include lower radiation doses to the patient without compromising image quality. CMOS detectors are more flexible and more stable, more sensitive and faster than TFT -based flat panel detectors, while delivering higher resolution.