DMS Imaging is a French technology group based in the south of France, specialising in the production of medical imaging equipment

The group has over 30 years of experience. It is composed of Apelem, DMS, AXS Medical and Medilink. Together they offer a full scope of innovative solutions in the area of radiology, densitometry, stereoradiography and posturology.

Globally, DMS Imaging has over 120 distributors in over 140 countries, also possessing daughter companies and is a partner in a number of joint ventures.

the IT4KAN offer includes A full range of DMS and Apelem and products, including:

• Analog X-ray (with digitization option)
• Digital X-ray machines
• Portable X-ray machines
• Fluoroscopes
• Densitometers
• Mammographs

due to the wide range of possibilities related with tailoring devices to suit the individual needs of the medical unit and the wide range of equipment options, please contact our IT4KAN sales department in order to discuss offer parameters