KaPACS, a Pictures and Communication System which allows for the processing of medical images and controlling them in imaging diagnostic laboratories and healthcare facilities.

It facilitates a safe and economical storage of medical images and the creation and saving of copies and communication between users, systems and devices which participate in the management of diagnostic images. Users may benefit from the remote access to diagnostic imaging, in accordance with their legal certification and given permits.

The system can be integrated with any other HIS or RIS teleradiological systems, as also with any given imaging devices such as CT, fMRi, x-Ray, ultrasound, ANGIO, PET (?) or ultrasound, operation field camera (?), endoscopes, laparoscopes and angioscopes.

The functionality of the PACS system

  • Technology clients – server

    Owing to this technology, the system can even be used through an Internet browser. It is not necessary to install any additional programming. Additionally, the system can also be facilitated by a number of users, without any interference in each other’s work.

  • integration with the MedDream DICOM Vievwer

    It is possible to acquire a full integration with the MedDream DICOM Viewer (MedDream or referential), in which images from the PACS system are to be opened automatically.

  • Communication with diagnostic devices.

    The system allows for an automatic transmission of images from diagnostic devices to the PACS server, cooperation with printers, x-ray imaging printers as well as Image generating devices which may be qualified as providing medical documentation such as ultrasonography, endoscopy, operational field camera or ECG.

  • DICOM-isation module

    This module facilitates the introduction of any given changes in imaging to fit the DICOM format, Saving these images in the PACS library.

  • .Data compression mechanism (lossless)

    A smaller volume of the PACS library, owing to lossless data compression .

  • Autorouting

    The data is sent automatically, based on predefined conditions, to the station diagnostic, local servers or selected users.

  • Prefetching

    It allows cascading search of archive data in advance to find previous image data, e.g. when planning another patient visit.

  • Image reference viewer

    It allows any user to access image data from the PACS system. It takes just one click to display the image in the selected format.

  • HL7 integration module

    The implementation of the HL7 standard allows you to integrate the PACS system with any hospital, RIS or teleradiological system operating in the given unit. The integration includes sending orders to perform research, changing the research status by hospital system and sharing links to examination images in selected cases.

  • Backup mechanism

    The mechanism allows for automatic backup with specified parameters incrementally or as a whole.


this allows for the management and control of medical documentation in diagnostic imaging laboratories.


A user-friendly management system for sending and describing radiological examination results by physicians and external companies.